The research centers of this school have developed quickly.
Many centers with distinctive features were established
one after the other. In addition to internal integration
among institutes, these centers also cooperate with
other schools and private units. Although these centers
are small, they contain unlimited potential. Whether
the energies in research and development can be fully
exploited for maximum benefit awaits the establishment and implementation
of a good management and a performance evaluation system.

This school integrated parts of the centers to form a united research center which operates conjointly to coordinate and integrate the resources for the United Research Center, and to improve its operating performance. An official class-one “United Research Centers” is established to co-ordinate and plan matters related to the joint operation of this Research Center. The resources of small centers within the school are anticipated to be better integrated via this operation system, and help these centers to expand their academic research areas and enhance their research strength. In addition, the energies of each research center will hopefully be elevated via good management, and the establishment and implementation of a hiring and exiting mechanism that evaluates the performance of each center appropriately...
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