In response to the economic growth, industrial developments, the mounting national energy issues, College of Engineering has established the Center for Energy Research (CER). CER coordinates National Central University's  research, seminar, and professional training in the field of energy. The perspective of the center is multi-disciplinary and problem-oriented. The multi-disciplinary approach underlines the Center's research projects that investigate some of the challenging energy problems in the world today. CER aims to elevate the national capabilities in the field of energy and to promote the participation in the international activities of the global need.

Recently, the concern of global climate changes has led to reconsideration of the use of fossil fuels. The goal is to reduce CO2 emissions and/or to develop oil substitutes for the diversification of the primary energy sources. This leads to the opening of new fields for research and development, including hydrogen economy, fuel cells, solar energy, among many others. Our society must learn not only to cherish clean environment but also to preserve the limited precious primary energy resources, fossil fuel. Thus, it is important to strengthen the partnerships among academia, industry, government, and other sectors in order to fulfill tomorrow's energy requirements so that we may have a sustainable security of supply under environmentally acceptable conditions and at competitive cost. This is the long-term endeavor for CER.

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