Founded in 1979, the College of Liberal Arts currently has comprehensive programs in seven academic divisions :

Department of Chinese Literature(currently not available)
Department of English
Department of French (in French)
Graduate Institute of Philosophy
Graduate Institute of History
Graduate Institute of Art Studies
Graduate Institute of Learning & Instruction

With 71 full-time faculty members and 1008 students, the College flourishes when its teachers and students are free to excel. Aiming to play an important role for NCU as well as the global village, the College is striving for the following objectives.

To enhance professional training in various disciplines which enables the students to keep abreasts with the fast changing society.
To provide a thorough orientation to Chinese as well as western cultures for NCU students.
To offer intensive language training for NCU students. A number of full-time on-campus foreign professors and well-equipped language labs have created a quality language learning environment.
To offer state-of-the-art facilities to students to meet challenges for modern technological demands.
To initiate comprehensive research projects in collaboration with related fields. The College features on of sexualities studies, film studies, Chinese Kun opera studies, the Hakka studies, applied ethics studies and overseas Chinese studies.
At present, the College is proudly engaged in cooperation with schools, such as University of Melbourn, Australia; University of Rochester, USA; University of Paris, France; Cheju University, Korea; University of Tokyo, Japan; Nanking University and Shiamen University at Mainland China...etc, a great number of programs are actively proceeded for the years to come.