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Educational Goals

1. Provide  professional knowledge and skills, and reinforce interdisciplinary   learning. (professional)

2. Improve critical thinking and solving problems. (sustainable)

3. Foster group cohesiveness and communication. (gregarious)

4. Cultivate active behavior with professional ethics and social responsibility. (social)  

5. Extend international viewpoints and establish differential values. (international)

6. Strengthen the education in energy-related materials and technologies. (distinguishing)

 Expected Core Capabilities of Students

1. Basic and related knowledge of engineering, physics, and chemistry required for material science engineers. (professional, distinguishing)

2. The ability to analyze , plan , and solve engineering problems. . (professional, sustainable, distinguishing)

3. The ability to prepare  reports, a thesis, and journals. (professional, sustainable, distinguishing)

4. Good communication skills and group cohesiveness. (gregarious, social)  

5. Appropriate English ability, willingness to gather the latest material technology knowledge, and a global perspective. (professional, distinguishing, international)

6. Awareness of the importance of life-time learning and consistent self-learning. (sustainable, social, distinguishing)   

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