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In order to integrate material teaching and research in the College of Engineering of National Central University (NCU), upgrade its strength of competition, extend its basis of enrollment, and cooperate with the demand of diverse industries, the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering (IMSE) was founded in October 2004, under the permission of the Ministry of Education. 15 MA students were enrolled in September, 2005, and 3 PhD students were recruited in September, 2008. At the beginning of the institute was established, there was neither any appropriate faculty nor suitable space. However, under the effort of former President Li, former Dean Li, as well as many others from the College of Engineering, IMSE is currently composed of more than 10 professors.  Moreover, the institute office and teachers’ laboratories are also settled. The classroom locations are gathered so as to eliminate the distance between students. Aside from this, the completion, advancement, and convenience of the Center for Advanced Processing and Analysis have provided the excellent facilities, which help improve the research quality of the Institute.

So far, the teaching and research resource of IMSE are sufficient enough to offer students with the most proper assistance. Furthermore, the prominent results of our faculty’s researches have gradually out beat many institutes in Taiwan. IMSE continues to hire more outstanding teachers with the aim of deepening our teaching and research capabilities. With the efforts from the institute members as well as the aid of the university, we believe that Institute of Materials Science and Engineering in NCU may one day become the best of the best.


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