1. What if I lost my key to the room, access control card, or student ID or they are out of order and can’t get in the dorm? 

2.  For Your Safety 

3.  Drinking Water and Laundry Doing 

4.  Water Resources in the Dormitories 

5.  Whom should I ask for help when I need to report some items requiring repair because the system of reporting repair is in Chinese? 

6. Where to purchase air conditioner activation card?  

7. How to pay for Internet Access in the dorm room? How to have Internet Access repaired?  

8. Are there any facilities or equipments for use in the public space?  

9. Use of Refrigerators  

10. Whom should I contact if I am sick?  

11. Supply of Hot Water for Shower  

12. Lost and Found  

13. Pick up Mail  

14. Trash and Recyclable Resources  

15. Use of Electronic Equipments  

16. Newspaper and Periodical  

17. Emergency Hotline (24 Hour)