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Jenq-Yang Chang
Photorefractive Materials Fab-rication and Applications 、
Mirooptics design & Fabricator
Ph.D. of MIT, USA

Jen-Inn Chyi

Semiconductor Material and Device、Optoelectronics Device、High-Speed Device
Ph.D. of Univ. of Illinois, at Urbana-Champaign, USA
High Speed Semiconductor Device、Sub-micron Technology、Microwave IC
Ph.D. of Michigan Univ., USA
Semiconductor Device、Solid state Engineering
Ph.D. of National Cheng-Kung Univ., ROC
Tsung-Hsun Yang
Bio-chip, Optical MEMS, Color Sciences, Nonlinear Dynamics
Ph.D. of National Chiao-Tung Univ., ROC
Semiconductor Device Physics、Process Integration
Ph.D. of Columbia Univ., USA
Compound Semiconductor、Solid State Engineering and Device
Ph.D. of Univ. of California, San Diego, USA
Jin-Wei Shi
High Speed Optical Communication Device and Measurement System、High Speed Optoelectronic devices、GHz Optoelectronic Transceiver and Application
Ph.D. of National Taiwan Univ.
Optical information Processing 、Holography 、Photorefractive crystal optics 、
Ph.D. of Pennsylvania State Univ., USA
Chien-Chieh Lee
Optical Fiber Sensor 、Communication optical devices、Electronic imaging 、
Laser radars
Ph.D. of Univ. of Arizona, USA
Thin Film Optics 、Vacuum coating Technology 、
Thin Film Optical property and stress analysis
Ph.D. of Univ. of Arizona, USA
Bao-Jen Pong
Material Physics
Eng. D. of North Carolina State Univ., USA
Optical Design and fabricatingElectro-Optical system 、Artificial Intelligence 、
Pattern Recognition 、fuzzy theory and Neural Network 、Optical mannfacture 、
BIOEMS、Micro-optical system 、Nanotechnology and application vision optics
Ph.D. of Univ. of Arizona, USA
Inorganic Chemistry
Ph.D. of Michigan State Univ., USA
Photorefractive Devices and Applications 、Optical Information 、
processing volume holography 、optical testing DOE 、
optical device & system design information optics
(storage、communication 、display)
Ph.D. of National Central Univ., ROC
Micro-optics elements and system、passive components for optical communication、
GaN-based materials and devices、photonic crystals、laser ablation
Ph.D. of Universite de Franche-Comte, France
Analysis of Fluid Mechanics、Heat Transfer and Manufacturing、Optics Elecmechanism Materials、Optics Engineering
Ph.D. of Arizona State Univ., USA
Huan-Kai Chiou
RFIC、MMIC 、microwave engineering  
On-Chip Interconnect and Nano Metal Conduction line、Chip-Level Assembly Technology、
Microelectronics and Opto-electronic Packaging、Wafer bonding
Ph.D. of Univ. of California Los Angeles
Post-doctoral fellow
Semiconductor Material and Device
Ph.D. of National Taiwan Univ., ROC
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