The group, led by Zhi-Cheng Huang, is affiliated with the Graduate Institute of Hydrological and Oceanic Sciences, National Central University. The primary area of research is coastal oceanography and coastal engineering. We focus on specific research topics including hydrodynamics of coral and algal reefs, sediment transport, nearshore turbulence, surf-zone dynamics, and ocean wave dynamics. Special efforts will be on the interaction between physical, biological and biogeochemical processes.

We use modern observing and analysis techniques, combining with theories and numerical simulations to study the physical processes of multi-scale and multiphase flow dynamics in nature ocean environments. In addition to apply modern commercial instruments, we develop new techniques to measure the flow momentum, waves, sediment properties, and high-resolution coastal topography.

We also concern coastal hazards and coastal environmental protection, such as coastal erosion, coastline change, coastal flooding, and ecological changes. These issues may be significantly enhanced by the sea level rise due to global warming and climate change in the future. We anticipate that the knowledge learned can help us to understand the nature coastal processes and shed some light on developing strategies for coastal hazard mitigation and environmental protection.

Our group has established long term and steady cooperative relations with local government and NGO institutes. Many of our specialized researches have reached international standards.Recently, we’ve participated in the University Social Responsibility (USR) projects, which covering social responsibility and interactions between the university and local communities.The advisor, Professor Huang, has been serving as a reviewer for well-known domestic and international journals and the part of Taoyuan City Government nature landscape review committee members, member of development Plan for coastal area review committee,..etc.

Our laboratory is also equipped with professional detecting instrument and experimental equipment, including Acoustic Doppler Profiler (ADP)、Acoustic Doppler Velocimetry (ADV)、turbidity sensor (OBS-3)、drones (DJI Phantom III & DJI S1000)…etc. The expertise and well – equipped environment made our research abilities match the breadth and depth of know – how.